The organisation of practitioners who have had at least four years of relevant training and who comply with the best professional standards of competence and ethics in hypnotherapy

Founded in 1958

30 Cotsford Avenue New Malden Surrey KT3 5EU
Telephone: 020 8942 3988

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Aims of the British Hypnotherapy Association, a non-profit professional organisation, are to:

  • maintain a register of competent, qualified practitioners
  • raise standards in the treatment of nervous problems
  • care for the interests of patients and members
  • collate and disseminate information on hypnotherapy

We are the leaders in hypnotherapy. There is no similar organisation. Most hypnotherapy organisations can be joined by anyone on payment of a fee. Some require members to have only a few days of training - hopelessly inadequate. They are just hypnotists. Our members have each had at least four years of training, including having therapy themselves. Moreover, they are required to continue to maintain high standards of competence and ethics in their work to stay on our register. That we have the highest standards is widely recognised: we get so many recommendations that we and our practitioners don't advertise.

Beware organisations which use names designed to be confused with our own; they have nothing like our standards. Beware also persons who falsely claim to be on our register or that they or their services are recognised by us, or who even falsely claim to be us, or who use a misleadingly similar name or acronym or designation. Their standards are far lower than ours, so, lacking recommendations and referrals, they advertise. We appreciate being informed of such cases, with printed or written evidence with the date and source written on it. And you may wish to inform your local council trading standards department.

Therapy from our members is of the highest standard. Their methods are based not on theory but on research into the long-term results achieved by a variety of approaches. And research into the long-term results obtained by their patients is a routine aspect of their work, to ensure that you get the best possible help. They are trained psychotherapists who use hypnotherapy when appropriate. They don't suppress symptoms. They help patients to find and resolve the causes of their problems and are trained to do this.

Referrals of enquirers are made to us by other practitioners and by national organisations. Former patients also recommend us. We take on patients for emotional problems etc, not for medical problems, and don't give medical treatment. Medical practitioners are able to refer patients to us and many do so. This relieves them of pressure from patients they are not trained to help, giving them more time for those they are trained to help.

Publications are the best available on hypnotherapy - essential reading if you want to be well informed on this subject. They are obtainable from us. Anyone can buy them, by post.

If you're thinking of having therapy, telephone us, stating your name, address, telephone number, problem, age, and area in which you work or study if other than where you live. (If over 16 years of age, please do this yourself, not someone on your behalf.) You will then be sent a copy of The Hypnotherapy Handbook, answering the usual questions, and giving full information plus details on the nearest practitioner on our register with appointments available including qualifications and fees.

If you wish to enquire about treatment, please ring the following number:

Tel: 020 8942 3988

or, email:

Alternatively, write to us at 30 Cotsford Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 5EU,
stating your name, address, telephone numbers, problems, age and work or study area if other than where you live.

For further information about psychotherapy, please visit

British Hypnotherapy Association, 30 Cotsford Avenue New Malden Surrey KT3 5EU. Telephone: 020 8942 3988
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