The organisation of practitioners who have had at least four years of relevant training and who comply with the best professional standards of competence and ethics in hypnotherapy

Founded in 1958

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Welcome to the British Hypnotherapy Association website

  • ESTABLISHED for four and a half decades, the British Hypnotherapy Association has long experience upon which to base its policies.
  • THOROUGH TRAINING in psychodynamics, neuroses, behaviour patterns, emotional problems, relationship difficulties and other relevant subjects is required of anyone before he or she can join the British Hypnotherapy Association
  • SEXOLOGY is an essential part of the training, a large proportion of patients having problems which are to some extent sexual ones.
  • INSIGHT and mental health in the practitioners, essential in this work, are enhanced, and the fact that people who want to become hypnotherapists are (like clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psycho-analysts and social workers) attracted to the work by their own problems is recognised by the British Hypnotherapy Association requiring that prospective trainees must first have thorough therapy themselves. This greatly reduces the risk of any patient being landed with a therapist who acts out problems on the patient. It's the most important element in training.
  • INTEGRITY is required by the British Hypnotherapy Association of its members in their work. Not only does the Association have a code of ethics, a copy of which must be read and signed by members every year, but any member who falls below the required standard must take remedial action as advised, or, as a last resort, go.
  • COMPETENCE is required by the BHA of its practitioners; the BHA concerns itself with matters of 'clinical judgement' and competence as well as ethics.
  • A REGISTER of practitioners trained to British Hypnotherapy Association standards, and required to maintain them, so that the public can rely upon it, is kept by the Association.
  • AN EFFICIENT REFERRAL SERVICE is provided by the British Hypnotherapy Association, enabling enquirers to receive quickly answers to all the usual questions and details on nearest practitioners on the register.
  • PRINTED INFORMATION is sent to every treatment enquirer; the sixteen-page pamphlet published by the Association for prospective patients explains the therapy and includes comments by former patients.
  • CONDITIONS upon which Association practitioners see patients are stated in advance, in print, in straightforward language, and are few and simple.
  • FULL DETAILS ON NEAREST PRACTITIONERS on the Association's register, including their training, qualifications, availability and fees, are sent to therapy enquirers.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY is provided to treatment enquirers and to patients.
  • THE WHOLE PERSON is considered by the practitioner and checked as thoroughly as is possible in an initial fifty-minute consultation.
  • ADEQUATE QUESTIONING of the patient is used by the practitioner, both in the consultation and in subsequent therapy.
  • INVESTIGATION NOT SUPPRESSION is used by British Hypnotherapy Association practitioners.
  • NO DRUGS are used on their patients by British Hypnotherapy Association practitioners, who are aware that drugs don't cure emotional problems and often create new problems.
  • CAUSES, NOT SYMPTOMS, are treated by BHA practitioners, who do not use any suppressive form of treatment.
  • RESEARCH into methods and results, not theory, is the basis of the work of practitioners in the British Hypnotherapy Association.
  • PERSPECTIVE is maintained by British Hypnotherapy Association practitioners, who don't resort to gimmick therapies or use any method because it happens to be fashionable, and for whom hypnosis is simply a useful aid to recall in therapy for some people.
  • CONTEXT is something of which BHA practitioners are thoroughly aware, including the family and social context, the psychodynamic context, and alternative forms of help.
  • FEES of the practitioners are related to their training, experience and ability.
  • RESULTS are ascertained not just in the short term, but by long-term follow-ups, enabling British Hypnotherapy Association practitioners to know the long-term effects of their therapy and to develop increasingly effective methods.
  • FIFTY-MINUTE SESSIONS are normally given at each appointment by British Hypnotherapy Association practitioners, not an inadequate two, five or twenty minutes.
  • THE REPUTATION of the British Hypnotherapy Association, built up by the best standards being maintained, is such that most of its practitioners are normally well booked with patients, and none advertise their services.
  • ALL INDEPENDENT RELEVANT WORKS OF REFERENCE have listed the British Hypnotherapy Association during the last forty years.
  • ENCYCLOPAEDIA AND DICTIONARY entries have been provided by the Association.
  • ARTICLES AND PAPERS by members of the Association are published in learned journals and in the press.
  • BOOKS on psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and sex education have been written by members of the British Hypnotherapy Association.
  • BROADCASTS have been made by members of the Association, who have also participated in television and radio programmes.
  • NUMEROUS PUBLICATIONS, the best on relevant topics, are available from the British Hypnotherapy Association, so that anyone who wants to know more can do so.

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